Line of XR Business Solutions

Reduce costs, increase efficiency and use information to its full potential with Line-of-Business solutions purpose-built for business processes across and outside the organization.
Transform from a cost center to a profit center with solutions that automate complex processes and connect content
Centralize contract management for increased productivity
Automate supplier invoice processing to maximize working capital
Offload complex treasury integrations to improve cash visibility and optimize working capital
Transform IT into a strategic business partner and power the future of work
Discover, classify, manage and secure content throughout its lifecycle
Enable fast and secure remote use of graphic-heavy applications
Gain customer insights across their journeys and improve conversation rates with scalable enterprise marketing solutions
Improve your brand’s value by better managing rich media and videos with OpenText Digital Asset Management (DAM) software solutions
Deliver excellent customer experiences and foster loyal brand advocates
Optimize support operations to resolve cases faster and improve customer satisfaction
Deliver faster, more effective resolutions to customer issues
Achieve better engagement across customers, partners and employees
Detect and respond to threats, stop ransomware and data exfiltration, conduct digital forensic investigations and more
Proactively detect and remediate unknown cyber threats
Eliminate endpoint and network blind spots for comprehensive detection and response
Identify, extract, preserve and document digital evidence
Improve employee experience and automate HR processes while ensuring privacy and compliance
Level up HR with strategic technology that improves processes and defines and optimizes the employee experience
Investigate off-network endpoints and remote users with ease
Manage and analyze content to meet legal or regulatory obligations.
Automate and integrate processes to drive compliance and mitigate privacy risk
Streamline operations, manage customer content and optimize sales
Optimize sales operations with relevant and connected customer information
Amplify customer conversations with engaging and consistent content
Intelligently connect the right content to the right business process at the right time for frictionless decisions and task execution
Maintain workplace compliance and keep workers safe with access to the most up-to-date safe-workplace playbook
Minimize risk and enhance compliance assurance
Connect people, systems and things across the extended business ecosystem with digital supply chains
Optimize ERP integrations and lower system migration risks and costs
Improve supplier onboarding, communication and collaboration
Optimize and future-proof B2B operations with a single VAN solution
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