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Discover how XR Solutions powers the digital Automotive industry.

Information management organizes, integrates and protects data and content as it flows through business processes across and outside the organization. With information management solutions, organizations can simply and securely capture, govern and exchange information to gain the information advantage.

How information management benefits business

Discover how information management solutions reduce risk, cut costs and grow revenue.

Manage information from end-to-end

Securely manage complex information flows to reimagine operating models and customer journeys with the world’s broadest integrated information management platform.

Simplify governance and compliance

Embed compliance into business processes to mitigate regulatory and reputational risk without impacting productivity.

Transform with confidence

Tackle the toughest business challenges with proven solutions and expert services to gain an information advantage.

Connect everything that matters

Integrate systems, people, content and things to enrich information and deliver it within context, wherever it is needed.

Accelerate business in the cloud

Choose from public cloud, private cloud, on-premises or developer API services to ease and accelerate digital transformation for even the most demanding industry standards.

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XR Solutions Content Cloud integrates with the systems that produce and consume information, extending enterprise-grade content management across the organization to seamlessly access, distribute and use structured and unstructured data.

Business Network

XR Solutions™ Business Network Cloud provides business to anything (B2A) integration solutions that enable frictionless information exchange, end-to-end business visibility and extensive collaboration through a single digital backbone across ecosystems.


XR Solutions™ Experience Cloud integrates experiences, media, communications, messaging and data for customer experience management in one cohesive platform to help personalize experiences, deliver relevant engagement and optimize customer journeys.


XR Solutions™ Security Cloud offers solutions to keep business operations in a trusted state across endpoints, networks, clouds, email, webservers, firewalls and logs.


Delight users with the transformative power of information management. XR Solutions™ Developer Cloud offers unencumbered access to information management products, features, SDKs, APIs and cloud services, enabling developers to easily extend or build custom applications with ready-to-use solutions.

AI & Analytics

XR Solutions™ AI & Analytics help organizations overcome enterprise data challenges through visualizations, advanced NLP and NLU, and integrated computer vision capabilities, and integrates with outside AI services, such as Google™ Cloud or Azure.

Process Automation

XR Solutions™ Digital Process Automation helps organizations automate processes, providing flexible platforms for rapidly building user-centric applications, reducing IT involvement while enabling better decision-making and improving experiences.

Information management resources

XR Solution powers the Information Advantage

Accelerate growth with Information Management

The future of work and the distributed organization

The future of growth is inclusive, sustainable & digital

Rethinking information management

It’s a digital world

The future of work and the distributed organization

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