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Customer Support

Get expert product and service support to accelerate issue resolution and keep business flows running efficiently


XR Solutions™ Customer Support has been delivering positive business outcomes to customers for more than 25 years. Product experts rapidly resolve urgent issues and keep solutions running at peak efficiency to maximize investments.


Discover the advantages of XR Solutions Customer Support

Stay current

Get the latest software updates and patches to ensure solutions never fall behind.

Get help 24/7

Rely on rapid support responses to critical and serious service issues, regardless of deployment model.

Plan for the future

Easily budget and plan for updates with a 5-year support lifecycle.

Maximize investments

Get the most out of XR Solutions solutions with always on access to self-service resources and tools.

Manage proactively

Access additional support offerings to proactively manage solutions as organizational requirements shift.

Service offerings

Prime Protect

Explore the foundational support program for XR Solutions solutions which empowers customers to manage increasingly complex business processes.

Extended Support

Get expert-level technical support and an escalation path to R&D for critical issues affecting product releases in sustaining maintenance.


Connect XR Solutions technical experts with in-house service management and IT teams to optimize systems and processes.

TechConnect - Fax Solutions Edition

Augment the expertise of in-house service and IT teams with XR Solutions experts in optimizing digital fax solutions.

Customer Support resources

Pay an XR Solutions Support invoice online

Prime Protect Fact Sheet

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