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Deliver excellent customer experiences and foster loyal brand advocates


Today’s customers expect high-quality experiences powered by personalized services and solutions. XR Solutions™ Customer Service solutions enable organizations to deliver product and service resources, respect customers’ time, solve unique challenges and maximize brand loyalty.

Key trends

Companies are partnering with third parties as 54% of millennials and Gen Z customers equally trust both parties’ customer service information.[1]

With 75% of customers reporting that phone interactions take longer than expected, organizations are optimizing over-the-phone experiences.[2]

Businesses are optimizing their digital experiences to impress customers where they engage, increasing digital customer service interactions by 40%.[3]

Organizations are optimizing digital channels and adopting AI to fuel the customer service transformation process.[4]

Customer care is becoming integral to transforming the customer experience at the broadest range of touchpoints.[5]

Customer experience programs are becoming increasingly holistic, predictive, precise and clearly tied to business outcomes.[6]

Explore Customer Service solutions

Content Management for Customer Support and Service Management   →
Optimize support operations to resolve cases faster and improve customer satisfaction
Customer Portals and Authenticated Experiences   →
Achieve better engagement across customers, partners and employees
Customer Inquiries and Complaints   →
Deliver faster, more effective resolutions to customer issues

What makes XR Solutions different

Maximized customer loyalty

Ensure high satisfaction to facilitate long-term brand loyalty and promote referrals.

Enhanced communication

Improve intra-business communication to ensure objectives are met and customer satisfaction levels are achieved.

Increased profitability

Optimize customer services to increase customer referrals, minimize acquisition costs and reduce advertising and promotions spend.

Strong competitive advantage

Deliver accurate and on-time service solutions to foster lasting customer relationships and prevent competitive encroachment.

Healthcare resources

Put contact center technology at the heart of the customer experience

Overcome the challenges of a remote contact center

XR Solution Qfiniti – Capturing Experiences to Drive Engagement

Optimize sales cycles with OpenText Extended ECM for CRM

Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) and speech analytics create a best-in-class offering

Supercharge your contact center with real-time speech analytics

Empower your contact center supervisors with voice technology

Optimizing sales and service operations with a new generation of content management tools

What if today’s contact center technology existed a quarter of a century ago?

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