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Mounting regulations, pressures to improve customer retention and increasing calls for innovation are driving unprecedented digital transformation in the Automotive industry. Automotive solutions offer ways to capture and utilize information and data at an unprecedented volume and velocity to create connected, smart manufacturing and digital supply chains.

Key trends

There is continued momentum for cloud migration, with 35% of all production applications predicted to be cloud-native by 2023.[1]

Digital transformation is prioritized throughout the industry, with 75% of Automotive OEMs planning to employ digital innovation platforms to improve OPEX.[2]

Automakers require supply chain predictability, with 60% of businesses expecting operational disruption by competitors with more resilient supply chains.[3]

Automakers are reevaluating their inventory strategy following disruptive events, such as the semiconductor chip shortage that disrupted vehicle production.[4]

Key Automotive solutions

Maintain workplace compliance and keep workers safe with access to the most up-to-date safe-workplace playbook
Enable end-to-end visibility of shipments and assets in extended ecosystems
Enable secure hybrid work with the virtualization of applications and desktops

What makes XR Solution different

Automated EDI processes

Leverage built-in technology and automotive cybersecurity.

Critical content management

Integrate with automotive applications to promote data monetization.

Deliver the ultimate customer experience

Power personalized omnichannel experiences.

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